Say ‘no’ to plastic bottles
Buy a Trash Hero ‘Love Koh Lanta’’ reusable water bottle and refill with water for free at any of the participating businesses. A map showing all the places you can refill is provided when you buy a bottle (there are over 60 places, so you’ll never be far from some free drinking water).

The bottles aren’t expensive, which means you’ll save money as well as seriously reduce the number of plastic bottles you throw away each day. The scheme also runs in 21 other places around Thailand, so you’ll be able to carry on using them after you leave Lanta.

Say ‘no’ to plastic bags
With just a little bit of planning, you can say no to your shopping being put in plastic bags, and place it in a reusable bag instead.. There’s no shortage of cotton bags on the island. Check Aunty Bee’s rice and Tetra pack bags. You can buy one as a souvenir.

Want to say ‘no’ to plastic bags in Thai? It’s easy, ‘Mai sai tung ka/kap’ (pronounced, ‘My si toong’ and, at the end, women say ‘ka’ and men say ‘kap’).

Say ‘no’ to plastic straws
Use a paper, bamboo or metal straw. Most drinks really don’t need a straw anyway. Tell whoever you’re ordering your drink from, ‘Mai ao lawd ka/kap’ (pronounced, ‘My ow lord’ and again, at the end, women say ‘ka’ and men say ‘kap’)

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Clean the beach
Even picking up a small amount of rubbish helps, as it stops it being washed back out to sea. You could also make an afternoon of it and join Trash Hero Koh Lanta on one of their weekly beach cleanups. Check their FB Page for regular updates. You can make some new friends while you’re helping to keep Koh Lanta clean too.

Be The Change: reduce waste
You don’t need to be an eco-warrior to make a difference. All you need to do is make a little effort to reduce the amount of trash you generate.

Imagine how much we could reduce the rubbish here if everyone who visits or lives on Koh Lanta follows those four easy steps. Every one of us can help to change things and keep Koh Lanta a paradise