Group Kayaking Tours With Guide

Kayaking tours from Koh Lanta always have a licensed guide, and include the following:

1) Starting in the mangrove areas, on the east coast of Koh Lanta (Tung Yi Peng village) – a fantastic ecosystem teeming with wildlife, with plenty to see. You’ll either kayak or boat cruise in the mangrove (depending on which tour you choose).

2) Kayaking around Koh Talabeng: fantastic towering limestone cliffs, great scenery and interesting cave systems (cave visit optional)

3) Lunch + relaxation on the beach at Koh Bubu (full day tours only)

4) Boat cruise around eastern islands (Koh Aung, Koh Kam)
all tours have insurance, soft drinks and life jackets, pickup/drop off  provided free of charge


Boat Tour & Island Kayaking
Full day tour

Mangrove & Island Kayaking
Full day tour

Boat Tour & Island Kayaking
Half day tour

Mangrove Kayaking
Half day tour

Individual Kayaking

Many resorts will have a few kayaks for rent on an hourly or daily basis. These will be rented to you without guide, so please make sure you are competent. A group tour (as above) will provide everything for you. If you rent by yourself, you’ll only get a kayak + paddle! 

Things to take with you

  • sunscreen
  • hat
  • waterproof bag with money + phone
  • tshirt

Things to remember

  • there are no rip currents around Koh Lanta, but if you go too far out, the wind may prevent you from getting back…stick to the shoreline only
  • the sun is very strong, so take sun protection
  • if you cant make it back to your starting point, just get off and find a nearby resort or restaurant, and contact your hotel from there