Thai people are friendly & hospitable, always ready to welcome visitors with a smile. So please show them (and their culture) the respect they deserve…

Do be aware that the people of Thailand love their King.  Criticizing the King of Thailand is not only disrespectful, but also illegal and can result in a prison sentence

Don’t touch other people’s heads, point directly at people or sacred images with your feet, or step over people.

Do dress politely when visiting a temple or any holy place. Swimming costumes and bikinis are fine by the pool or on the beach, but please cover up a little when walking around the streets and shops.

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Don’t get involved with drugs in any way

Do bargain for purchases in markets and street stalls  – it’s expected and is part of the fun for the vendor (Don’t be too aggressive!). Try to buy local products  and handicrafts to support the local economy

Don’t step on coral or touch anything while snorkeling or scuba diving. The marine environment is very delicate and needs to be respected and protected

Do have a “cool heart” and laid back attitude.  “jai yen yen”, (“cool cool heart”), & “mai pen rai” (“no problem”) are common phrases throughout Thailand.  Aggressive, loud or rude behavior is not appreciated by locals.

Finally…please Do accept that things may not be the same as at home.Your tea may not taste the same and electricity or plumbing may not always be up to ‘Western’ standards.   Accepting the difference is one of the benefits of traveling!