Please try to help the environment on Koh Lanta – and everywhere you travel. Below is a list of suggestions / recommendations to follow regarding the usage of plastic items, recycling and trash

You too can be a Trash Hero! 

When you go out for some drinks, please refuse plastic straws. You must do this when you order…otherwise they will be automatically placed in your drink. If you refuse then, they are just taken out of the drink and thrown away. Plastic straw make up a huge % of the trash on Koh Lanta’s beaches. Become part of the global campaign #thelaststraw.

In the street markets (or when ordering takeaway food) – please choose vendors that use paper plates or cartons. This is healthier than styrofoam both for humans and the environment.

Takeaway fruit shakes – you will automatically be given a plastic cup, straw, lid and bag. Please be conscious….how much of this do you actually need? Normally you need only the plastic cup – or better still…take your reusable bottle and have the shake put in there!

In 7/11 stores and other minimarts…plastic bags are given automatically even for a small purchase. Please consider if you really need the bag (or bring your own reusable bags to the shop). If you buy drinks you will be given a straw – if you buy snacks you may be given plastic spoon and fork. Please try not to take these items if you dont need them.

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Squeeze your plastic bottles after usage – it takes up less storage space

Please don’t litter with cigarette butts!

Take a reusable bag and bottle with you wherever you go – you’ll soon see how much less trash you use!

For more details on Trash Hero and their organisation, click here