Aunty Bee’s handicraft shop
Aunty Bee is a local from Langsod village (Koh Lanta Noi) – she started a small shop where she sells upcycled items. She collects used plastic straws, tetrapak, plastic bottle caps & metal capsules to create art & crafts. She also recycles the big rice sacks and turns them into shopping and laundry bags. Take a ride to Lanta Noi and visit her. Buying at Aunty Bee’s empowers local woman, promotes recycling, up-cycling & organic products ie warm-pressed coconut oil made from organic local coconuts.
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Trash Hero Koh Lanta
A community – led volunteer movement founded in Thailand in 2013 and now active all over southeast Asia & around the world. Their local chapters run weekly cleanups, educational programmes & bottle refill program to clean & prevent waste. “Our actions are always positive and aim to inspire behaviour change for a more sustainable future”
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Koh Lanta Community Compost
Locals can turn organic waste into money as well as save the environment. The compost initiative was set up by Kasira Kantavanich (“Nee”), owner of Costa Lanta resort, to teach the local community how to recycle organic waste and create compost they can sell. The aim is to reduce the open air garbage dump on Koh Lanta, reduce garbage burning, make Koh Lanta greener, produce healthier soil and generate additional income for the community. The project’s team teaches locals in both Thai and English how to compost, and it is making a real difference on Koh Lanta. More and more people are now going green by not putting their left over food in the trash or burning their garden waste.
Read more here: Koh Lanta Community Compost Station

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Lanta Eco News
Lanta Eco News gives tourists, and the local community the latest news about eco-conscious and sustainable travel initiatives here. “There are lots of people & businesses making great efforts and we want to celebrate them and inspire more people to act.” Koh Lanta is developing more each year, and many people are trying to help it do so in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. Discover some of the great eco-friendly things happening on Koh Lanta, as well as areas that need improving, and ways you can help.
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Recycle Lanta
A superb initiative in the Phra Ae (Long Beach) area – a refill station for dishwahing liquid and laundry detergent. Just go with an empty container and get it refilled. Also on sale: toiletries in solid form with no packaging at all – soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste etc. The first of its kind on Koh Lanta (hopefully the first of many)
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Keep Lanta Clean
Keep Lanta Clean stands for a greener Lanta island, for raising awareness about its trash problem and for resolving it as much as possible. This is a self funding program, so please help out if you can!
1. Creating a compost pick-up system (organic waste pick up system). The KLC Compost Station is located on Lanta Noi on Shaan & Jeevan’s Eco-Farm.
2. Making punctual “Rescue Trash Actions” (removing garbage from the roads of Koh Lanta when it was been there for too long). If you want to donate money towards gasoline so they can drive their truck and pick up trash bags on the island, or if you want make some clean up actions and need help, contact them.
3. Trash management awareness programs (education in schools and businesses). They need training in both Thai and English language – help needed if you are available!
Read more here: Keep Lanta Clean