Ban Saladan is the furthest northerly point on Koh Lanta. You’ll arrive / depart from here if you’re going to nearby islands of the mainland using the passenger ferry. Its a bit of a harbour town, but not with big noisy barges or anything like that – just the quaint ‘putt putt putt’ of the odd longtail boat passing by. Its known as the capital of Koh Lanta Yai, but dont expect skyscrapers, Burger King and rush hour – just a little bit more action than the beach areas, that’s all

Ban Saladan is the place on Koh Lanta to go for shopping and seafood. You could also come into town to visit one of the many dive centres that have their office in town. Most of the diving and snorkeling trips from Koh Lanta to nearby islands will start out from here. Its also the place to come if you need to go inside the bank to change some money.

The charm of Ban Saladan is in its size. Its the capital of Koh Lanta, but only 2 streets make up the town, crammed with souvenir shops & stalls, cafes and definitely the highlight are the 20 or more wooden seafood restaurants that are built on stilts over the water, with great views of the beach on Koh Lanta Noi.
If you’re on a shoestring budget, check out some of the many cosy waterfront guesthouses that do good long and short stay deals

There are several guesthouses offering decent fan & aircon rooms at budget prices – these places often have good long stay options. There are also 2 more upmarket hotels here.

Ban Saladan has the most shopping on Koh Lanta, and is a good place to pick up supplies as there are several minimarts and the  nearest thing to a supermarket that the island has. Also here are several good art galleries, souvenir and clothes shops.

Home to the best seafood restaurants on Koh Lanta, the road that runs parallel to the waterfront has more than 20 options for fresh seafood at extremely good prices. There are also a couple of western bakeries here as well as numerous street vendors selling their wares

Ban Saladan is home to the main offices of most of the dive centres on Koh Lanta. There are around 10 in town, where you can buy equipment and book trips to the local diving and snorkeling sites. For more info on the diving and snorkeling on Koh Lanta see here

All passenger ferries leave Koh Lanta from Ban Saladan pier to Koh Phi Phi, Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lipe. Also close to the town is another pier where car ferries run to Lanta Noi and the mainland. This is the main road route to Krabi/Phuket and Trang