If you want to experience the real taste of Thai food, there are many options on Koh Lanta. But most of them you wont find if you eat all your meals on the beach. Koh Lanta is a little bit different from other tourist locations. Its a bit more rustic and has more of an authentic Thai feel to many parts of it.

So try real Thai food while you’re here on Koh Lanta. Head away from the beach and look on the roadside – this is where the locals eat. Why? Because the food here is cheap and its made the way it should be – by Thai people for Thai people! Most of these places you wouldn’t normally give a second look on your Koh Lanta beach holiday, but don’t be put off because the restaurant is by a noisy road, or has cheap looking plastic furniture, muddy floor or hole-in-the-ground toilet.

Walk past one of these Koh Lanta restaurants and you could have missed some really tasty food at bargain prices…..

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Ban Saladan
There is a night time walking street (normally only in high season period). There is a huge choice here, but the best option is the Thai ‘buffet’ where you can help yourself to as many dishes as you like at a very small price per dish.

Klong Dao Road
Lap Royet – most Koh Lanta taxi drivers know this place because they eat here. Pork noodle soup for 30 baht plus a whole range of genuine Isaan (North Eastern) food like som tam (papaya salad), larb, nam tok. Also BBQ chicken and very cheap beer. Open late.

Phra Ae Road
Mr Green – Almost an institution with Koh Lanta locals especially after hours. Tasty basic Thai dishes for around 40 baht plus. Unnamed Isaan Food Stand – very similar to Lap Royet but more convenient if you’re staying in Phra Ae – 2 of these on the on the roadside here. Look out for the yellow sign next to Galaxy Bar and another one next to Bajen Pizza.

Klong Khong Road
Lay Sod – on the left about halfway down Klong Khong road (if you’re driving south). Tasty geng som and other curries. One of the few places on Koh Lanta that sells Asahi beer Cha Cha Restaurant (further down on the opposite side) – typical Koh Lanta Thai Muslim restaurant with trays of precooked curries etc that you can choose from (eat in/takeaway) and also other dishes on the menu cooked to order.

Klong Nin Road
Outside 7/11 at Klong Nin junction, Koh Lanta, a tiny restaurant opens around 6.30AM and sells boxes, bags and parcels of nearly everything. Kaow mern gai, kaow kooka pii, sticky rice, rice soup, fried chicken…and more. Usually sold out by 9-10AM.

Kantiang Bay
Across street from 7/11 are a couple of food stalls selling a variety of local food, sweet and savory, from 10 to 30 baht. Open between 6 and 9 am. The most popular item here is fried chicken and sticky rice. Perfect for a quick early breakfast if you’re going out on a day trip.