From Koh Lanta Old Town you can visit the tranquil eastern islands of the Koh Lanta archipelago. These islands can be visited year round as they are between the west coast of the mainland and east coast of Koh Lanta, protecting them from strong wind & waves.

You can see these islands as part of an organised longtail tour, which can include kayaking. Or charter a private longtail – just go to the end of Koh Lanta Old Town pier and negotiate with a local. Your tour could be a cruise around several of these islands, or just pick one with a nice beach and spend a few hours there.

Koh Nui is a tiny spit of sand about 200 meters wide. You can see all the islands from here, and if the tide is right, its great for a swim and a bit of exploring. If you’re in the mood for some adventure, you could stay here overnight on the beach.

Koh Por is only a stone’s throw from Koh Lanta, with a nice swimming beach on the Northern tip. You can find Koh Por opposite Koh Lanta Old Town main pier. There is a regular ferry going to and from the island. Its one of the few populated islands around here with most of the residents being Muslim fishermen. Theres only about 500 people living here, and so facilities are basic – theres  a primary school, mosque, nursery, small store and that’s it!

Koh Talabeng is an uninhabited island with sheer limestone cliffs towering above you as you kayak around it, or just cruise by in a longtail boat. If the tide is low enough, there are a couple of small beaches to explore. There are a couple of caves here. 1 smaller one has a single rope dangling down (you can only get in by kayak) which is used by people collecting birds nests. In Talebeng Noi there is a much larger cave which you can climb up with the rope provided. Rumor has it that there is a way to get on top of the island this way, with a large freshwater pool at the top

Koh Kam is completely deserted, you might stop here on your way between other islands. Have a BBQ, a swim or snooze in the shaded undergrowth.

Koh Bubu is a definitely worth seeing, and you’ll probably visit as part of your organised tour – if you’re on a private charter, make sure they take you there! Its a small island, and it has 1 basic resort and restaurant, white sandy beaches and plenty of hammocks to lie in! If you dont want to fish, swim or soak up the sun, take the walking trail around the island. You can spot monkeys and even hornbills in the late afternoon