ATMs are pretty much everywhere on Koh Lanta outside most 7/11 stores. Banks are a different story. The only banks on Koh Lanta are in Klong Dao and Ban Saladan – if you need to change money do it here as the rates are better than the hotels

Medical services can be found in most areas on Koh Lanta. In Phra Ae, Siam International Clinic runs a 24 hour doctor/nurse service and also have a speedboat transfer service from Koh Lanta to mainland hospitals in case of an emergency. Dr Salarin also runs a private clinic here, although this is usually only in high season, and after 3pm only. In Ban Saladan there is a public clinic open from 8am. There’s also a clinic at Klong Khong, & Klong Nin junctions. There’s a hospital near Koh Lanta Old Town. Koh Lanta hospital has reasonable facilities, but for anything major they will send you in an ambulance to a bigger hospital either in Krabi or Phuket

Koh Lanta hospital has a dentist service open Mon-Wed 0800-1200. There’s only one private dentist on Koh Lanta, located on Klong Dao road

Koh Lanta has police posts in all developed areas, but its not guaranteed that they speak a lot of English. If you need to get hold of the police ask your resort to call for you and translate. If you go yourself, go to the main Koh Lanta police station in Ban Saladan

Koh Lanta is a safe and peaceful place, with nowhere near the crime rates in other more developed tourist destinations in Thailand. That said, it doesn’t hurt to be careful, and hotel safes (if available in your room) or safety deposit boxes (in reception) should be used to avoid any complications during your stay

Theft is uncommon on Koh Lanta, but if it does happen go to the police station in Ban Saladan to make a report for your insurance

Dont get involved in any drugs while you are here, as penalties are harsh – a large fine and possible jail term are likely

Swimming off the west coast beaches on Koh Lanta can sometimes be dangerous in low season as the wind comes from the west and some days big waves blow onto shore