Heading south from Ban Saladan, Koh Lanta, Klong Dao is about 2km south – its actually walking distance from Ban Saladan town, via Kaw Kwang beach, or by just walking down the main road, then turning right to the beach.

The beach itself is about 3km long, white and sandy. Its definitely the most developed bay on Koh Lanta and gets busy in high season. There’s a good selection of resorts and bungalows here on this Koh Lanta beach. The headlands at either end of the beach protect the bay, and Koh Lanta locals from the nearby village use the southern end to moor their longtail fishing boats

Klong Dao beach is actually one of only a few beaches on Koh Lanta that is almost completely rock free. This, combined with the clear, shallow water make it the best swimming beach on Koh Lanta –  ideal for families with young children.  In fact you’ll see plenty of these (mostly from Sweden) on this beach in high season.

Accommodation on the beach here is in the mid-high range, so the budget-conscious need to look elsewhere on Koh Lanta. Klong Dao road, however, has plenty of budget options along with a wide selection of shops and amenities. The road area is only a few minutes walk from the beach.

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As with most other resort beaches, Klong Dao has plenty of beachfront restaurants, mostly owned by the resorts on the beach. All kinds of Thai food available here, as well as the popular seafood beach BBQ and some western specialties as well

Not renown for nightlife, Klong Dao beach is more of a family place. You’ll find plenty of bars here, but they are more relaxed sunset kind of places as opposed to full on parties. Sunset cocktails, family friendly fire shows etc – its a lovely beach to stroll down at night, as the resort lights make it look very pretty

Klong Dao road is about 2km long and runs close to the beach area. At the northern end it gets further away from the beach, but its never more than a few minutes walk to the sand. There are several minimarts and 7 Eleven stores. If you continue north you’ll arrive in Ban Saladan, and to the south is Long Beach.

There are some budget options on the roadside, but can be hard to find online – you really need to walk down the road and take a look down each “soi” (street) to see whats available. 

Klong Dao road is home to some of the best Thai restaurants in the area. There are several cheap options, just look for the more basic looking places with plastic furniture, sometimes with no name. There are some more upmarket options and if you need a good coffee, there are a couple of western cafes/bakeries here too.

There are quite a few Thai & expat bars along the roadside, in high season the Marlin Rock Pub hosts some quite famous Thai bands

There are several minimarts and 7 Eleven stores on Klong Dao Road, plus pharmacies and clinics…and Koh Lanta’s main gas station