If you drive south from Long Beach, Koh Lanta, about 2 km later you’ll come to Klong Khong, with a quiet dusty roadside and around 3km of sandy beach. While the sand is good, the water is very rocky. Its the rockiest beach on Koh Lanta – in fact there is  only 1 small swimming area in the middle of the beach.
This is one reason that Klong Khong hasnt been developed by big resorts (while other Koh Lanta beaches have), so you’ll find that most resorts and bungalow operations are small, cozy ones run by local Koh Lanta families. In days gone by this was the most backpacker friendly beach, with a huge amount of cheap beach huts available. Now some of those places have upgraded to concrete and aircon, you can still find some great bargains here.
Theres plenty of beach restaurants and the beach bars are funky affairs, often made from whatever driftwood has found its way to the beach over the years.
Further south is Klong Nin


Matcha Resort
075 667039

Moonlight Bay Resort
075 662590


Greek Taverna
083 5216613

Chom Talay
075 662590

The road runs parallel to the beach for about 2km. North is Long Beach and south is Klong Nin. There isn’t much development here, just a few restaurants, minimarts and tour shops.

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