A few kilometers further south from Klong Khong, Koh Lanta, you’ll come to a small town named Klong Toab. Just after that you’ll arrive at Klong Nin junction. Its also a small town (like other Koh Lanta towns) with a 7-Eleven store, some other minimarts, tailors, restaurants, souvenir shops and a clinic. Turn right here (if you go stright on you’ll end up on Koh Lanta’s East Coast and maybe Koh Lanta’s Old Town.)

After you turn right and go through this small Koh Lanta town, the road bends again and runs parallel to the beach (about 2km long). Klong Nin is another of Koh Lanta’s great beaches with a long sweeping stretch of white sand. There are some rocks in the water, but most of this superb Koh Lanta beach is swimmable and a good depth for kids. Everything is quite spread out, so like Koh Lanta’s Long Beach you never feel like you’re in a crowd. The southern end has a lovely backdrop of hills and rainforest, typical of Koh Lanta’s southern beaches.

On the beach accommodation is the most diverse on Koh Lanta, ranging from the most basic beach huts to 3 and 4 star resorts. Most are typical Koh Lanta beach front bungalows. Wherever you stay here is no more than 1 minute walk to the beach. There is a mixture here of  small, friendly beach bars & restaurants built in a shanty style, some have incorporated the trees into their design, giving the beach area a unique feeling, much different to any of the other beaches on Koh Lanta.

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A good selection of places to eat on the beach – the restaurants are quite spread out with most options at the north and south end of the beach

Klong Nin is a quiet beach, so dont expect too much! Just chill out with a few beers in one of the cozy beach bars

The road runs for about 2km following the Koh Lanta coastline. Most of the road is just a few metres to the beach. Further north is Klong Khong, and south is Ba Kantiang. At the top end the road goes away from the beach and splits – turn right onto the road that cuts across Koh Lanta to Klong Nin village and Old Town. Or you could turn left to head north up Koh Lanta.

There are a couple of resorts on the road (south and mid) and some cheaper guesthouses at the northern end.

There are a few restaurants on the beach road, and at the junction (north end) you can find cheaper food than on the beach – several basic Thai restaurants and food stalls operate here. Some of the stalls are only open early morning and some only in the evening

There are a couple of minimarts on the beach road, but most of the shops are clustered around the northern end. There is also a food market close to Klong Nin village on Tuesday & Friday.