Heading south from Klong Dao you’ll find Long Beach, Koh Lanta – (sometimes you’ll hear it called Phra Ae Beach, or Had Phra Ae, which is the original name).

Its about 4km long and has the nicest white sand on Koh Lanta. The water – while not as shallow as Klong Dao – is not exactly deep either.  There are a mixture of top quality resorts, mid range bungalows and backpacker rooms for a snip! You cant get right on the beach for this cheap in many other places on Koh Lanta.

Long Beach’s resorts, bars and restaurants are nicely spread along the beach with plenty of undeveloped space…giving the beach a very spacious feeling. You won’t find umbrellas and sun chairs cluttering the beach as in other areas of Thailand.

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The land by the beach is very green with plenty of trees and open space…not full of resorts side by side.You can enjoy football and volleyball in the late afternoon – right on the beach!

Its a popular Koh Lanta beach in high season, but you can easily find spots with no-one else around at all. If you’re up for adventure on your Koh Lanta holiday, just around the rocks at the south tip (you can scramble around the rocks at low tide) is the famous and beautiful Relax Beach.

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There are plenty of beach front restaurants on Long Beach – just take your pick! All resorts have restaurants on the sand, and also some independent ones. You can find Thai food, western food, fresh seafood BBQ and more.

Theres plenty of nightlife here too, in fact Long Beach and the road (close by) has the best selection of nightlife on Koh Lanta. On the beach everything is so spread out that it doesnt affect your sleeping if you’re going for an early night (which is often the case on Koh Lanta).

Phra Ae Road runs for about 4km, and follows the Koh Lanta coastline. Its a couple of hundred metres away from the beach. Further north is Klong Dao, and south is Klong Khong.

Most of the food available in the northern part of Phra Ae road comes from Thai food stalls and cheap Thai restaurants. These are the best value food options in the area. If you want pizza, tapas, Italian or gourmet Thai food, head to the southern part of the road where you will find some more upmarket restaurants.

There is a good concentration of local Thai bars, cocktail bars, sports bars and even a Karoke bar in Phae Ae (Long Beach road south).

You’ll find a couple of medical clinics, Pharmacy and several minimarts in Phra Ae.

The northern part of the road (close to the top of Long Beach) has most of the accommodation options, mostly in townhouse style guesthouses. These are budget options and you can get some of the best monthly rates here on Koh Lanta. There are also some budget rooms in the southern part of the road.