Experience the natural beauty of Koh Lanta at our own pace – rent a scooter, take a map and off you go – please be careful on your bike!

East Coast

  1. Start in Ban Saladan, Koh Lanta with some breakfast at one of the waterfront restaurants. Take the road out of town and turn left at the junction around 300m later. The road bends around, passing Koh Lanta’s police station. Pass the left turn towards the car ferry, turning right –  now you’re on the east coast road, heading south. As you drive down this road you’ll see local industry at work – rubber and palm plantations, shrimp and fish farms.
  2. 2. 7km further south check out the two fishing lakes on the left side. Here you can catch you own and have it cooked for you, or just sit here and have a drink, enjoying the peace and tranquility of Koh Lana.
  3. Opposite the fishing lakes you’ll find Koh Lanta monkey school, where you can see monkeys performing tricks with coconuts, bicycles and other stuff
  4. If you prefer things a bit more natural on Koh Lanta, go about 1km further and on the left hand side you’ll see a concrete road leading to the protected mangrove forest. Here you can book a 1 or 2 hour, half or full day longtail boat or kayak tour around the mangrove and the nearby Koh Lanta Eastern Islands.
  5. Back on the main road heading south, you’ll drive through more plantations and small villages. Around 9km later take the left turning to Koh Lanta’s Old Town
  6. Around 4.5 km further down the main road you’ll see 3 restaurants on the left  side. Stop off here for a drink and enjoy stunning elevated views of Koh Lanta’s Eastern Islands.
  7. Further south (about 100m from the first restaurant) you’ll see a brown sign on the left. This shows information about “Plaew Hon Sai” (a cemetery in Sanga-U village, Koh Lanta). It’s quite an interesting place   but please be respectful when you visit.
  8. At the end of the main road is Ban Sanga-U, home to some of Koh Lanta’s sea gypsy population.

South West Coast

  1. Start at one of the viewpoint restaurants east of Klong Nin for a morning coffee – enjoy amazing views of Koh Lanta’s Eastern Islands.
  2. Only for the skilled driver – head  west (uphill then down) for 700m.  You’ll  find a small dirt road to the right (no sign). Follow the road uphill for 600m and you’ll arrive at a secret viewpoint perfect for a shot of the eastern islands.
  3. Back to the main road and turn right heading further west – about 400m later there is a junction and a sign “Atcha Pony Hut” with a small dirt road taking you to a pony camp, for trekking in part of Koh Lanta’s jungle
  4. Go back to the main road, turn right  and keep on driving for 1.8 km – there’s a sign to Koh Lanta’s Mai Kaeo cave. Follow the road (concrete then dirt track) through the  rubber plantation for 1.7 km. You’ll arrive at the entry area for the cave.There is an entrance fee and the option to take a tour guide (recommended).
  5. Go back to the main road, turn left and continue for 1.2 km, arriving at Klong Nin junction, Koh Lanta. Turn left here (you stop here for refreshment) and follow the road, going parallel to the beach then uphill for 3.1 km; you will see a first 3 way junction with concrete road to the left with a sign for the Tiger Cave. Turn left here and keep on driving for 1.4 km, until the road ends.
  6. Turn left onto the main road heading south for around 10 minutes and you’ll arrive at Ba Kantiang village, Koh Lanta. A small road to the right before 7/11 takes you to Ba Kantiang beach.
  7. Go further south past Ba Kantiang and on the other side of the headland is Nui Bay.
  8. Coming down from the hill from Nui Bay there’s a sign pointing left to Koh Lanta’s only waterfall. Take this track and you’ll arrive at the camp where you can hire a tour guide to take you to the waterfall. There’s an elephant trekking camp here too, on of the best on Koh Lanta.
  9. Turn left onto the main road and continue heading south – take the left turn uphill to Bamboo Bay, which is the last public beach on this road. 8. After Bamboo Bay drive around another 15 minutes and you’ll arrive at the end of the road – Mu Koh Lanta National Park HQ and the islands’ icon: the lighthouse.

Koh Lanta Noi
There aren’t as many ‘attractions’ on this tour as the above 2, but if you want to experience authentic local life, Koh Lanta Noi is the place to go. You’ll see some great scenery on the way, rice, rubber, shrimp and palm farming plus buffalo, goats, geese and chickens!

  1. Start in Ban Saladan – by the police box at the waters’ edge you’ll see several longtail boats carrying passengers across to Koh Lanta Noi. Drive your bike up the ramp and onto the boat, and for about 20 baht the driver will take you across. When you arrive you’ll have to drive across the sand before you get to the road.
  2. Park your bike at the end of the road and check out the long white sandy beach. Koh Lanta Noi is blessed (for the time being) with no tourist developments, so take some time and enjoy the virgin sands. This beach stretches all the way up the west coast of Koh Lanta Noi.
  3. Back on the road, go for 4.3km and you’ll see locals farming rice on both sides of the road. Very typical of Koh Lanta Noi life
  4. 2.8km later take a left turn (after the car ferry turning) and 3.6km later take the small dirt track left. About 20m later you’ll come to a small private beach surrounded by mangroves with great views of the mainland from Koh Lanta Noi.
  5. Back on the road, go left, continue for 9.6km then turn left. You’ll pass shrimp farms on the left and 2.1km later turn left down the dirt track and follow it to the end. Here is a small pier where you can rent longtail boat + driver for a short trip around the islands just off Koh Lanta Noi.
  6. After 1.7km more you’ll come to the end of the road, take a well earned rest and maybe some food + drink at the waterside restaurant.