Go south from Kantiang and you’ll find Koh Lanta Yai’s most untouched beaches. The concrete road turns twists and turns up and down the cliffs to 3 more bays.

After that its about another 15 minutes to the Koh Lanta National Park HQ and lighthouse. Make sure you’ve got a good bike or a 4 wheel drive car.

Driving up the hill from Ba Kantiang Bay stop your car/motorbike just before the top.  Nui bay isn’t accessible by road so you need to take the fairly steep footpath  (about 100m) down to the beach.

Here you’ll find a completely untouched Koh Lanta beach, surrounded by cliffs, with a very private feel to it. The lack of accessibility has helped Nui Bay stay one of the few beaches on Koh Lanta with absolutely no development. Just a perfect white sandy beach with crystal blue waters.

There is a small bar down on the beach. Thats it!