Pad Thai, Fresh Seafood, Masaman Curry…
Koh Lanta has a huge amount of places to eat, be it roadside stalls, traditional Thai noodle soup canteens, speciality western restaurants, beachfront cafes, 5 star resort restaurants and more:

In Ban Saladan you’ll find some of the best restaurants on Koh Lanta. Around 20 waterfront eateries are here – these atmospheric places are made out of wood and sit on stilts over the water. These specialize in fresh seafood and Thai food. Very reasonable prices. There’s nowhere else on Koh Lanta with this kind of atmosphere and quality of food

Almost every resort or bungalow operation on Koh Lanta beaches has its own beach front restaurant. In fact if you’re here on Koh Lanta for 2 weeks, each of the main beaches (Klong Dao, Long Beach, Klong Khong and Klong Nin) will have enough restaurants for you to eat at a different place every night. Most of these Koh Lanta beach restaurants have seafood, Thai food and some western dishes like pizza. Reasonable prices at most places, or you could splash out and have a meal in one of the bigger resort restaurants.

For a great meal on Koh Lanta with an outstanding view, head across the island from Klong Nin – a couple of restaurants are on the hillside here overlooking over the east coast and the islands of Koh Lanta’s archipelago. You’ll find a few more like this on the road further south of Koh Lanta Old Town.

For much cheaper, authentic Thai food on Koh Lanta, head to the roadside of the main beaches (normally a short walk from the beach)