Keep going further south and you’re nearly at the very end of Koh Lanta – you’ll find Ao Klong Jark – nicknamed Waterfall Bay.  There is actually a tiny village here – Ban Klong Jark – which is a collection of just a few houses of locals who work in the rubber plantations nearby.

The beach is one of the quietest on Koh Lanta, and is accessible in a few places via smaller dirt tracks. Like the beach at Nui Bay it’s also a perfect white sandy beach. Even though there are a couple of resorts and 2 restaurants, the bay still has a very untouched feel to it, unlike the beaches further north on Koh Lanta. You can buy gas at one of the stores here so stock up if you’re heading further south – its your last chance.

There is a very well run elephant camp here (probably the best one on Koh Lanta) with treks through the jungle and can also include a trek to the only waterfall on Koh Lanta. The walking time is 30-45 mins each way with some bat caves on the way. Nice and cool under the jungle canopy.

There is a larger resort and 2 smaller bungalow resorts in the bay.

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