Seasons & Weather

The weather on Koh Lanta can be summed up quite easily…raining or hot, or both. Or neither. It’s actually hard to predict as every season the weather patterns are slightly different. The monsoon winds control Lanta’s weather and they don’t change at precisely the same time every year!

Here’s a rough guide:

‘High Season’ is deemed as being 1st November – 30th April. This period is normally the dryest part of the year, cooler in November (25-28 C) and getting hotter each month until April (30-40 C). In April the wind drops for a while making it very humid…this is also a sign that the season is about to change

‘Green Season’ officially starts on May 1st. May & June are still hot, but theres more rain during these 2 months. In July & August the temperature is also still hot, but a lot less rain than May & June. Finally, September & October arrive with another rainy period, and the temperature starts to drop a bit back to 25-28 C in time for high season starting in November.
But…if the winds change early/late, this pattern will happen early/late too.

By the way – you can get rain in high season, and green season can be sunny for days (even weeks) on end. Don’t be fooled into thinking that green season is a bad time to come: you can get great weather, huge discounts on accommodation, and avoid the crowds. Koh Lanta is open all year.